Today’s trip to CVS…$.84 OOP!!!

During lunch today, I decided to go to CVS b/c I wanted to do my last Glade deal plus I wanted to do the Nivea deal. Glade deal the limit is 3 and the Nivea deal the limit is…I don’t know! Of course, my co-worker came along b/c she wanted in on the Glade and Reeses cups…and she did very well for being a CVS newbie!

Anyways, here are my gets at CVS today:

Bought 1 Glade Plugin Lasting Impression $5
Bought 1 Glade Sense & Spray $5
Bought 4 Reeses Peanut Butter cups $2 (2/$1 x 2 = $2)
Bought 2 Chapstick Overnight Lip Treatment $.98
Bought 1 Mentos Gum $1.69
Bought 4 Nivea Lip Care Balm $11.96

Total = $26.63

Used -$9.99 Glade Plugins Lasting Impressions (found in box)
Used -$4 Glade Sense & Spray (SS 8/23)
Used (2) -$.89 BOGO Reeses Peanut Butter cups (SS 8/23)
Used (2) -$.55 Reeses Peanut Butter cups (SS 8/23)
Used (3) -$1 EB
Used -$2 EB
Used -$3.49 EB
Used -$3.79 EB

Total after coupons & EBs used = $.84 (incl tax)

EBs Earned = $8 ($3 Glade, $5 Nivea)

Notes: I had the BEST cashier today!!!! I gave her my coupons first and she scan every coupon at full value including the Glade for $9.99 and the two BOGO Reeses cups at $.89 each which is the normal price for Reeses instead of the $.50 sales price. YAY!

Then she asked for my EBs…I was a bit leery at first and then I held back my $1 off Excedrine CRT. She asked “do you want me to use it?” and I said, “it’s for an Excedrine product” and she says, “that’s okay, I will get it to scan!”

And THEN she started fiddling around with the EBs trying make it work so that I could have as little out of pocket as possible. She finally said my total owed was $.84 cents I almost fell over. I looked at my receipt and with the EBs and coupons my subtotal was -$1.28 and my tax was $2.12 which made my out of pocket $.84.

ALL CVS cashiers should be like this lady. She was very helpful. Basically, I used $12.28 in EBs to pay for the Nivea and taxes. The Glade was FREE. CVS paid me $.88 to take the Reese PB cups ($.55+$.55+$.89+$.89=$2.88)


  • kitty August 29, 2009, 23:36

    That's awesome! There's two cashiers at my local CVS that I love checking out with. One lady almost loves to see how little I pay OOP, the other is a manager that also took off .89 cents for me as well instead of the .50! Awesome!

  • MsBuildingUpDaBenjamins August 30, 2009, 18:11

    Kitty, I am so glad to have findly found a friendly and helpful cashier at CVS.