Today’s trip to CVS…

Since, I knew that the North Park CVS (in San Diego) was cleaned out of Glade Sense & Spray and the Glade Lasting Impressions, I knew that I would have to go to the CVS in Pt Loma.

So during my lunch hour, I ran over to the CVS in Pt Loma with a co-worker. My co-worker made out well. I think she only end up paying $.68 for two Starburst and two Glade Lasting Impressions. Of course, I have given her one my FREE Glade Lasting Impressions coupons and the cashier gave her the full value of the coupon.

But on the other hand the cashier I went to adjusted my FREE coupon down to $5 plus I had a $4 Glade Sense & Spray so I ended up paying $1 for both.

Here are my gets at CVS today:

Bought 1 Glade Plugins Lasting Impressions $5
Bought 1 Glade Sense & Spray $5
Bought 4 Reeces Peanut Butter cups $2
Bought 1 Revlon mascara $6.99
Bought 1 Revlon mascara $9.99

Total = $28.98

Used (1) -$.55 Reeces Peanut Buter cups (SS 8/23)
Used (1) -$4 Glade Sense & Spray (SS 8/23)
Used (1) -$5 Glade Plugins Lasting Impressions (found in refill box)
Used (1) -$3 EB
Used (1) -$8 EB
Used (1) -$8.43

Total after coupons & EBs used = $2.36 (this was the tax)

EB Earned = $10 ($3 Glade, $7 Revlon)

Notes: When I finally got home from work, I looked at my receipt…the cashier had adjusted down my $10 EB to $8.43!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!! The cashier will normally tell you that they can either adjust my EB or just have more out of pocket. This cashier didn’t so I ended up loosing $1.57.

I have one more Glade deal to do and then I will hit my 3 limit.

I know that I shouldn’t complain about loosing $1.57 in EBs b/c I did get everything for just $2.36 in tax so I am grateful for that.