Today’s trip to Rite Aid…

Okay, so why am I running around outside when it feels like 120 degrees?…for a Rite Aid deal, of course!

I’m not going to list out the transaction since I bought other items my son wanted. He was my driver while I was enjoying the a/c in the car.

The first thing my son said when we walked into Rite Aid “Boy, is this store empty, I guess everyone goes to CVS?”

We grabbed the one and only Sea Breeze on the shelf. I used a q that expires today. Also, got the Plus White toothpaste 3/$15 plus there were $1 peelies on each. Then got the Aero3 Air Cell Insole shoe inserts 3/$15. Then I got some other junk that my boy wanted.

The rebates I’m getting back are for the following:

Sea Breeze $3 SCR
Plus White toothpaste $10 SCR
Aero3 Air Cell Insole shoe inserts $10

The Plus White toothpaste qualifies me for the FREE Summer Fun Tote which features $10 in FREE items from chewing gum to magazines when you buy $15 in oral care products. Hopefully, there are some coupons in the bag! LOL.