Today’s trip to Rite Aid…

I can hardly believe how much cooler the weather has turn today.  The weather in San Diego doesn’t normally feel like Fall until late November or early December.  Maybe, we will have an early Winter?

Anyways, earlier this weekend, my thoughts were to wait to do Rite Aid on Tues/Wed whenever we get our RedPlum.  But then, I knew the Scott Bathroom Tissue was on sale for $7.49 and I had an $2 Rite Adperk coupon and a $1 MQ and we are getting a little on TP.  So, I hatched a plan…but it didn’t go correct b/c my out of pocket should have been $1.97…instead it was $23.96 OOP and I was stunned…but I knew something didn’t ring at the sales price.

Here was my plan at Rite Aid:

$4.50 Clean & Clear
$6 Air Wick
$7.49 Scott TP
$5.98 Reach TB (2 x 2.99)
$1.29 Trident Gum
= $25.26
– $5/$20
-$4 Clean & Clear ($3 RA, $1 MQ)
-$6 Air Wick (SS 9/13)
-$3 Scott ($2 RA, $1 MQ)
-$4 Reach (SS 8/2)
-$1.29 Trident (RA Oral Care Q)
= $1.97 OOP

But this is what is on my receipt:

$4.50 Clean & Clear
$13.99 Air Wick
$7.49 Scott
$12.98 Reach
-$3 C&C (3 RA, 1 MQ)
-$2 Scott (2 RA Q)
-$4 Reach (2 x $2)
-$1.29 Trident

Say what??? How in the world was I charged the regular price for the Air Wick and Reach TB.  Both had clearly marked, in yellow, RA shelf tags?  So, I will be returning that stuff.  Both the Air Wick and Reach combined is $26.97…Rite Aid owes me $26.97….so once I return that stuff, the Scott and the Clear & Clean will be FREE.

I picked up the Air Wick b/c it was marked on the shelf as $6.97 and I was using it as a filler so I could use my $5/$20.  The Clear & Clean and the Reach is part of the Johnson & Johnson SCR.