Today’s trip to Vons…

Ooooh, I was itching to go to Vons b/c of the buy 4 Nature Valley Nut Clusters get $4 instantly.  I also had those $1.60 Nut Cluster coupons.  My son wanted some hamburger meat to make hamburgers so off we went to Vons. 

Heck, there were only 8 of the Nut Clusters on shelves, it looks like allot of people took advantage of the deal.

Here are my gets at Vons:

Bought 4 Nature Valley Nut Cluster $10
Bought 1 Safeway drink packets $2.49
Bought 1 Denison Chili $5.45
Bought 2 Ground Beef  $12.29
Bought 1 Lettuce $1.49

Total = $31.72

Used (3) $1.60 Nature Valley Nut Clusters = $4.80
Used $4 Instant Off for Nut Clusters = $4
Used $4.60 eCoupons = $4.60

Total after coupons used = $18.32

Catalina Earned = FREE Capri Sun

Notes:  YES, you read right…I got $13.40 for doing the NV Nut Clusters deals so Vons paid me $3.40 to take away the NV Nut Clusters PLUS gave me a catalina for a FREE Capri Sun!!!!!!!!

The FREE Capri Sun catalina is tied to buy 4 NV Nut Clusters.

A month ago, I finally signed up for all the eCoupons on the Vons website…and those eCoupons really paid off tonight.  I couldn’t believe that when I read my receipt I had all those NV eCoupons come off my receipt.  Also, I gave the cashier FOUR $1.60 NV Nut Clusters q’s but she only scanned 3. 

Okay, when did hamburger meat become sooooo expensive???