Today’s trip to Vons…

I had a Vons catalina for FREE Capri Sun so I wanted to use it before it expired.  Plus, I needed to get more bread since my son seems to eat 10 pieces of bread a day!

Here are my gets from Vons from my quick trip:

Bought 1 Ovenjoy Bread $.99
Bought 1 Capri un $2.50

Total = $ 3.49

Used -$2.50 Capri Sun catalina
Used -$.55 Capri Sun eCoupon

Total after catalina and eCoupon used = $.44 cents

Notes:  I didn’t even remember that I had downloaded an eCoupon for Capri Sun which means Vons paid me $.55 cents to take away the Capri Sun and I ended up getting bread for $.44 cents!