Today’s trip to Vons…

I was going to do the Joint Juice deal but Vons on 30th Street was clean wiped out of Joint Juice!  I also forgot to buy the early edition Sunday paper.

So, I did the Kleenex deal.  Read my previous post HERE to read about the Kleenex catalina at Vons.
Here are gets at Vons:
Bought 1 Palmolive Pure + Clear $3.99
Bought 4 Kleenex Tissues $3.96
Bought 2 Kraft Cheese Slices $2.98

Bought Meat $10.82

Total = $21.75

Used -$.75 Palmolive Pure + Clean (SS 9/27) doubled to $1

Total after coupon used = $20.75

Catalina Earned = $3 plus $1/4 catalina plus $1 Foster Farms

Notes:  I bought that expensive Palmolive dish soap b/c there is a Mail in Rebate up to $2.99 in the SS 9/27 so the dish soap is FREE after rebate plus my $.75 q doubled.

Although, the Kleenex w/lotion is on sale for $1.50 the cashier scanned all 4 Kleenex at the .99 cent price so I saved $.50.

Now, I can do the Kleenex deal over and over until the sale ends and get the Kleenex for FREE or $.50 using the $3 catalina and the $1/4 Kleenex catalina!!!!!!!