Today’s trip to Vons…

Okay, I got a bit lazy yesterday and didn’t go back to Vons to do another Kleenex deal so I did it today.  Since, there was a $.50/3 Kleenex Q in Sunday’s paper that would double…this deal was even sweeter!

But I read on Slick Deals that you only needed to buy 3 Kleenex to get the $3 catalina…SWEET.  I wanted to try it.

Here are my gets at Vons this evening:

Bought 3 Kleenex $2.97
Bought 2 Ovenjoy Bread $1.98
Bought 1 Tic Tac $.50

Total = $5.45

Used $1/4 Kleenex catalina
Used $3 Vons catalina
Used $.50/3 Kleenex (SS 10/4) coupon doubled to $1

Total after coupon and catalinas used = $.45 cents (plus $.22 tax)

Catalina Earned = $3 Catalina

Notes:  I knew that I was gonna need a filler items if I was gonna use the $.50/3 coupon and it doubled and the $3 cat so I bought 2 cheapy breads but I still would need another filler item since the Kleenex and bread only came to $4.95 and I had $5 worth of cats and q’s.  I found the Tic Tac was $.50 so I used that.

For some reason, the $1/4 cat did not print…could it possibly be b/c I only bought 3 Kleenex?  Yep, that what I’m thinking.  I am suprised the cashier did catch the fact that I only bought THREE Kleenex but used a $1/4 cat?

Heck, bread, 3 boxes of Kleenex and a Tic Tac for $.22 cents…it’s all GOOD.