As soon as I got home from work , my son starts complaining that we didn’t have any cheese (he ate it all) and we were almost out of bread. 

Didn’t we just go to the grocery store?

Anyways, it was a perfect opportunity for me to buy (1) one Joint Juice to see if the $5 catalina would print.

Here are my gets at Vons tonight:

Bought 1 Joint Juice $1.39 plus $.05 bottle CRV
Bought 1 Kraft Cheese $3.99
Bought 1 Wonder Bread $1.99

Total = $7.42

Used $.55 Wonder Bread (RP 8/30)
Used $.55 Wonder Bread eCoupon
Used $.55 Wonder Bread eCoupon
Used $.55 Wonder Bread eCoupon
Used $1 Kraft Cheese eCoupon

Total Coupons = $3.20

Total after coupons used = $4.22

Catalina Earned = $5/7 Joint Juice

OMG, Vons paid me $.21 cents (in overage) to take the Wonder Bread out of the store!!!!!  So, I got FREE Wonder Bread b/c of the eCoupons.  eCoupons came from either shortcuts or cellfire or both.  However, my paper coupon did not double BUT the q did say “do not double”. 

Dang, why is cheese soooooooo expensive???

Now, tomorrow or Saturday, I will go buy 7 Joint Juice get another $5/7 catalina PLUS get a $10 catalina.