Today’s trip to Walgreens…

I am sick.  I have an ear infection that I am fighting and I am taking meds but it has left me very lethargic.  The doctor says I have been feeling so tired all week is b/c my body has been fighting the infection.  Also, the doctor said I had lost 10 lbs since my last visit…yipppppeeee!

Believe or not, I did get up this morning got two newspapers and went to work for 4 hours!  I know, I’m half crazy.

I also ran over to Walgreens but I had forgotten my coupons so I had re-think my plans.

So, here are my get at Walgreens today:

Bought 1 Thermacare $2.49
Bought 3 20oz Coke $4.77 (FREE)
Bought 6 Reese PB Cups $4.95

Total = $7.44 plus $.15 bottle  deposit

Used $5 RR

Total after RR used = $2.59

RR Earned = $2.50

Notes:  I had forgotten that Reeses had gone back to the regular price of $.89 cents.  But one of the Reeses packages had 2/$1…so I got charged $.50 on one of Reeses.  Also, I went to the Pt Loma CVS and there was no 409 to be found. 

This will be the only drugstore deal I do today.  I’m gonna rest.  The last time I had an ear infection it turn into walking pnuemonia, so I am just gonna chill.