Today’s trip to Walgreens…

It’s very slow in my office since when we completed our end of quarter stuff.  So, after hitting the CVS, I decided to drop by Walgreens.  My coworker commented that it seems that the Pt Loma Walgreens seems to have all new cashiers.  She’s right b/c except for the cashier in Cosmetics, there are allot of new cashiers in the store.

Do you think my email to Walgreens about that particular store a couple weeks ago had anything to do with it???

I did two transactions b/c I wanted to use my $8 Theraflu RR on the Vaseline and wanted to do another Theraflu deal.

Unfortunately, I misplaced one of the receipts so I can’t post the transaction.

After I did the Theraflu transaction, the RR did not print BUT I knew I should have gotten at least a $4 RR.  And it so happened that another customer’s RR did not print at the same time.  So, of course, I am telling the cashier to call the manager b/c the RRs didn’t print.

I proceed with my 2nd transaction while we wait for the manager.  Those RRs didn’t print, neither!  In the 2nd transaction, I had bought the Robi, Vaseline, Emergen-C and some other stuff.

Anyways, the manager comes and has to re-ring all the transactions (including the other customer).  She’s VERY fast…and out pops the RRs.  She is friendly and very calm.  Her name is Christina.  I have never seen her in the store before so I assume she is new, too.

I was able to use MULTIPLE Register Rewards and I received $21 in RRs.  My coworker did the same transactions that I did and she was soooooo excited about getting all those RRs.

Also, I finally found those Dag Nabbit Childrens Activity Books on…clearance for $.25 each.  The coupon inside are good until 3/30/10.