Today’s trip to Walgreens…

During my lunch today, I ran over to the Walgreens b/c it’s only 5 min drive from my job. A very sweet cashier came over and ushered me and my co-worker over to her cash register and gave us a little hug b/c she hadn’t seen us lately. We had kinda decreased our visits to Walgreens b/c in San Diego, we can only use one Register Reward (RR) during a single transaction and it is a pain doing it that way.

Anyways, here are my gets at Walgreens:

Bought 1 Lysol Disinfecting Spray/w free Lynsol Wipes $3.99
Bought 1 Kerasal Exfoiliating Moisturizer $7.99
Bought 1 Aquafresh Advance Toothpaste $3

Used -$2 Kerasal Exfoiliating Moristurizer
Used -$2 RR

Total After Coupons & RRs = $18.48 RRs earned = $5.00, $3.00

Grand Total OOP = $20.45

Total Value = $22.45 with $8.00 RRs remaining!

The total value is higher than the $22.45 b/c the Lysol Wipes were FREE and I know the Kerasal Exfoiliating Moisturizer is regularly $10.99 but were on sale for the month of June for $7.99 AND get a $5 RR. The Lysol Spray was shrunk wrapped to the Lysol Wipes for $3.99…that’s a bargain!!!

I am going to hate when the Kerasal Exfoiliating Moisturizer deal goes away b/c I love this stuff…it’s great for your feet and it makes the heels on your feet so nice and soft. It’s a great product that I highly recommend.