Today’s trip to Walgreens…

>So, you know that Walgreens isn’t my favorite drug store b/c it’s policy in San Diego of one Register Reward per transaction. BUT I will do a deal there if it makes sense and I have less than $5 out of pocket.

Here is my gets at Walgreens:

Bought 1 Softsoap Serum Body Wash $3.99
Bought 1 Conair Professional Brush $2.99

Subtotal = $6.98

Used -$5 RR

Total after RR used = $1.98

RR Earned = $6 ($2 Brush + $4 Softsoap)


  • Lolo August 17, 2009, 02:16

    I took it a step further and I bought 1 bodywash, 1 hairbrush and 2 jars of olives and used a $2 MQ from when I printed it at another time, used a $1/2 olive MQ and 1 Wags Q and then used a $6 RR from my listerine purchase this last week and paid $.57 tax and got back a $4 and a $2 RR. 🙂 Did this a few times. But to address your comment on allowing only 1 RR, I do not run into that problem. I ise as many as I need. After all they ARE Manufacturer Coupons and not specified for any particular item so as long as you are buying multiple items, you should be able to use multiple coupons! Maybe you need to change which store you go to (if you have more than one to choose from).

  • MsBuildingUpDaBenjamins August 17, 2009, 05:26

    In San Diego, there are tons of Walgreens but to my knowledge, at least in San Diego, we can only use one RR per transaction. We use to be able to use multiple RR's but in May Walgreens in SD stopped letting us use multiples. Otherwise, I would be taking full advantage at Walgreens.