Today’s trips to CVS…

It’s a good thing, I had so little out of pocket this trip b/c my debit card was sitting in the laundry basket in the back pocket of my jeans! LOL. I also forgot my list so I was trying remember from my memory. First of all, you didn’t hit my CVS by 8 o’clock this morning, you are going to be disappointed b/c there was very little in the way of school supplies. There was another gentlemen there with his teenage dollar looking for all the school supplies with the Extra Bucks (EB). I also scanned my loyalty card prior to going to the cash register and I got $5/$15 and a $5/$20 CVS coupons. How it works is spend $15 and CVS takes $5 off of your total…it’s FREE money!!!!!

Remember to scan your loyalty prior to going to the cash register!!!

Here are my gets from CVS:

Bought 2 Caliber or CVS 3 Subject Notebook $7.98
Bought 2 Paper Mate Grip Pens 8ct $1.98
Bought 1 Caliber or CVS 1 Subject Notebook $.99
Bought 2 Caliber Academic 5″ pointed tip Scissors $5.98
Bought 1 Caliber or CVS 12″ Plastic Ruler $.99

Subtotal: $17.92

Used -$5/$15 CVS coupon
Used -$.99 EB
Used -$2 EB
Used -$10 EB

Total After Coupon & EB’s = $1.91

ECBs Earned = $17.94

Grand Total OOP = $2.08 including $.17 in tax

Total Value = $17.92 with $17.94 EBs remaining!

If you noticed, I had a 2 cent profit b/c for some reason on the scissors deals, the EBs printed out as $6 instead of $5.98 so I end up with a 2 cent profit. Also b/c I received the $5/$15 CVS coupons, it allowed me to keep my other $5 EB from the Febreze deal so I actually have $22.94 in Extra Bucks!!!!

Another interesting thing is at the end of my cash register receipt two additonal CVS coupons printed (it’s never happen to me before):
  • Save $2 off any $10 Shampoo or Conditioner Purchase
  • Save $1 off any CVS Brand First Aid Purchase