Too Funny: Keeping Up With The Frugal Joneses

Last night, just before going to bed, I read a post by For The Mommas called Keeping Up With The Frugal Joneses.  It was well written and funny, too!

A MUST read.

One of the reasons, I like to post my trips b/c I show, the good, bad and the ugly on my trips. 

I am not perfect and nor do I even pretend to be. 

On my trips:  I forget coupons, buy the wrong products, buy items that I really need or want (think when I bought the broom or when I bought the eyeliner), get overcharged or under charged or just simply messed up!

Time is also a factor with me b/c I do work a full-time job and I like to live life so I am not sitting around clipping coupons all day.  Although, this is going to be a great Rite Aid weekend, especially here in California since we will have the 4 Day Sale and the all the freebies of our regular sales ad…I already knew that I will be only getting a few select items. 

Heck, I’m going out of town this weekend!  LOL  However, I will probably be taking mom on at least one shopping trip to RITE AID!!!  It’s one of the things that me and mom enjoyed doing together. 

Yes, we are all disappointed when we have a higher OOP than expected but don’t beat yourself over it.  If you saved ANY money on a shopping trip by using coupons…you did good!  If you saved just $1 using a coupon…that’s $1 that you got to keep in your pocket to use on a bill or put it towards savings.

My posts will be sporatic this weekend at best…and if I cannot find a hot spot for internet connectivity then I probably will not post again until Monday morning since I won’t get back to San Diego until late on Sunday.  Plus, I’ll be working, cleaning and running around, today.

Please, read:  Keeping Up With The Frugal Joneses!