My Trip to CVS (9/11)


Since I knew from my previous experience of using the $7 off Vichy Product coupon, I knew that the coupon would need to be manually entered and the 25% coupon that was sent me via USPS, I was not quite sure how my transaction was going to work out.

The mail box 25% CVS coupon did not act like the % off coupon that we receive in our Thursday emails.  The cashier had to manually enter my $20 Extra Bucks that we got from the CVS Whitening Kit deal because the cash register tape was kind of light as it was running out of ink.

The $20 Extra Bucks is a CVS coupon and not a manufacturer coupon which is normally death when using a % off coupon but in this case, the mail box did not impact the % off coupon.

Another odd thing is that last week at the same CVS, they had the Vichy Mineral Pore Purifying Clay Mask out but this week, they were gone and their place was the Vichy Double Glow Peel Mask.

(2) Vichy Double Glow Peel Mask $39.98
Brut deodorant $2
Brookside candy $3.79
Double Dark Chocolate w/almonds $4.99

= $50.76
(2) -$7 Vichy coupon
-$1 off Brut SS#1 09/11
-$11.25 CVS 25% off coupon
-$20 Extra Bucks

= $4.51

Got Back $13 in Extra Bucks

I basically got everything for FREE using the $20 glitch Extra Bucks!