My Trip to Walmart & Ralphs

I don’t always go to Ralphs for the Friday Freebies because it is a bit out of my way but if there is an incentive to go there like the cheap butter , the $5 off $15 FRESH meat coupon and the $0.15 yogurt, I might as well pick up the FREE BODYARMOR SportWater but the FREE Epic Protein bar is still not my store, however, I see that expiration date has been changed to 2/18/18.

Once that I realized that there is/was a $2 February Boost Bonus Ibotta Rebate and I only needed to redeem 6 rebates, I knew that I was headed to Walmart. I needed to find rebates that were either FREE or Money Maker or something that we needed.

Chosen Avocado Spray
Crunchmaster crackers
PF Chang’s Home Menu Soy Sauce  (was making chicken fried rice for dinner)
KIWI Saddle Soap
Kikoman Teriyaki sauce  (we needed)

The sixth item for the $2 Ibotta Bonus, I had bought the Silk Almondmilk Dairy-Free Yogurt Alternative at Ralphs and the Silk Ibotta rebate has reset for me and there is a $.50 Bonus when you redeem 2 rebates!

OMG, I forgot to take a picture of the FREE sweet potatoes.  I also forgot to post on Saturday about the FREE Colgate Optic White toothpaste at Walmart but the $1 coupon expired on Saturday and there’s a $1 rebates on CO51 and S*.

Earlier today, I posted about the Gain dish soap.  You see two Chose oil sprays because I have two S* accounts and usually when it’s a Money Maker, I will do on both accounts separately.


  • Cheryl February 12, 2018, 16:37

    My Ralphs told me I could substitute anything I wanted for the Epic bar so I have been getting beef jerky for free

    • Ms. B. February 12, 2018, 19:15

      Cheryl, it look like that they set up the freebie before they distributed the product to the store! 🙂