Remember, a few weeks back I posted about a Stayfree TRY ME FREE Rebate?

While I was walking around at Vons (Safeway) yesterday, I decided to go to the Women’s Feminine aisle to see if I could find the Stayfree, OB or Carefree TRY ME FREE (TMF) peelie (see my free bananas in the background lol)…and yes, I did find it!!! I am hoping for one of those BOGO Stayfree coupons come out soon.

I had not been able to find the peelies at Walgreens, CVS or Rite Aid as been previously reported but I found the peelie at my local grocery store.

The TMF peelie says the following:

To receive your $5 Mail in Rebate: Buy TWO or more of the following brands in a single purchase:

Carefree (30ct or higher)
o.b. (excludes trial size)

The front of the peelie actually says “any Stayfree” no count listed.

The rebate offer is valid 4/1/12 – 6/15/12.