Tuesday’s visit to CVS/w co-worker…

Okay, my co-worker was still grumbling about Walgreens when I showed her my receipt from yesterday’s visit to Walgreens. She saw that I had only spent out-of-pocket $1.48 for the Act Restore Rinse and Alka Seltzer 12 ct. She quickly did the math and was onboard for a visit to CVS. She didn’t have a loyality card so she signed up.

Anyways, I bought the following items at CVS:

  • Johnson & Johnson Soft Body Wash $3.99
  • Alka Seltzer $2.99 get $2 EB (Extracare Bucks)


Subtotal: $6.98 plus $.44 tax

EBs/Coupons Used:

  • -$1 Johnson & Johnson Body Wash (Smart Source 5/31/09)
  • -$2 EBs (I was a hurry but I think it was from the Alka Seltzer)


Total out-of-pocket: $4.42 including tax

Received: $2 EB Alka Seltzer

Now, I am a “body wash” hound…I love using body washes. So, every opportunity I get to buy some body wash, I take it!