Turn your loose coins into a CVS gift card!

If your CVS has a Coinstar machine in their store, you can change your loose change into a CVS gift card.

OMG, I wish I had of known this a long time ago! Believe it or not, yesterday, I noticed that there was Coinstar machine in the North Park CVS in San Diego b/c someone was using the Coinstar machine while I was waiting in line to check out. I thought it was odd that CVS had a Coinstar machine in their store…now I know why.

FREE Coin Counting when you turn coins into a Card or eCertificate

Now you can exchange your coins for FREE when you load the value onto a card or eCertificate for big name brands. That’s right, there is no coin counting fee when you choose this option. So grab your coin jar and change your coins into something you love.

How to get FREE Coin Counting at Coinstar Centers:

1. Press the “Cash in Coins” button and then the “Free Coin Counting” button
2. Select the retail brand of your choice
3. Pour your coins into the tray
4. In just minutes, you’ll receive your fully loaded card or eCert right from the machine

*The Card & eCert brand selection varies by location. Use the advanced machine locator to find your nearest Coinstar machine and to see what options are available.

To check if your CVS location has a Coinstar machine, click HERE