Uggg….A jealous Walgreens’s Cashier…

So this afternoon, I went to the Walgreens closest to where I live. It’s always busy there so I normally shop at the Walgreens by my job which is just 10 min away. Since, I had not used my $2 off Benefiber coupon…I was just itching to use it.

I bought the following items:
$4.99 Benefiber $4.99 get $2 RR
$2.49 Beyer Quick release Crystals 4 ct $2.49 get $2.49 RR
$4.49 Colgate Visible White Toothpaste 4 oz $4.49 get $4.49 RR
$1.04 Arizona Tea
$1.64 Sunny Delight Orange Juice

Total $14.65 plus 1.19 taxes

$2 Benefiber
$1 Beyer
$5 Right Guard
$4 Bandaid/Neosporin (Cashier would not let me used TWO RR’s in the same transaction…he was misinformed but there were ppl behind me so I let it go)

Total: $8

Receive RR:
$2 Benefiber
$2.50 Beyer
$4.50 Colgate

Total: $9

Grand Total: $7.84 out-of-pocket (it should have been $3.84 out-of-pocket but the weenie cashier would not process my $4RR).

The cashier was very irritated b/c I was getting that all stuff for next to nothing. So, since he doesn’t have a life, he wanted to yield what little power he has in the world to deny my use of the $4 RR. God doesn’t like ugly so what goes around always comes around. I never on someone b/c they got a better than I did…I always asked how did they do it. Trust me, I know how it is to work in a drugstore, I worked in one when I was in high school. You work hard and only get minimum wage. I have been there and done that. You just have to have goals for something better and don’t believe that’s is how your life will always be.

Anyways, I had out-of-pocket of $7.84 but I made $9 RR’s.:)

I now have a total of $19.50 in Register Rewards (RR’s)