Uh Oh, a Change to Walgreens Coupon Policy

walgreensAs most of my regular readers know that I am not a big Walgreens shopper but I will do a Money Maker deal every now and then.

Walgreens as updated their Coupon Policy by adding the following paragraph:

Multiple Coupons:

When purchasing multiple items, Walgreens accepts multiple identical coupons for multiple qualifying items as long as there is sufficient stock to satisfy other customers, unless a limit is specified. Management reserves the right to limit the quantity of items purchased. Customer and employee purchases of excessive quantities of advertised items is not permitted. An excessive quantity is any quantity above and beyond normal household usage.

When Corporate leaves policy interpretation to individual managers and/or cashiers as to what “any quantity above and beyond normal household usage” means there’s going to be drama to follow. Does beyond normal household usage mean per day, week, month, or year? How many people is suppose to be in a household? This new verbiage is going to be a hot mess!

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  • Gee March 15, 2013, 19:38

    Good to know. When I am getting deal items or RR items I just get one or 2 to try them out.

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