Vons/Albertons: FREE Gone Rogue Chips!!!

Facebook: Gone Rogue Chips are our WORD OF THE DAY item on Tuesday 8/11 and you can try them for FREE! All you have to do is put a bag of Gone Rogue chips in your basket and say “GONE ROGUE” at the register! (Limit 1 per customer on 8/11 only) Find a store near you: https://bit.ly/2xNXt6w


  • Anna August 11, 2020, 15:14

    OMG, I wrote before about all the trouble I’ve had with this promo due to multiple Vons employees over the last year (incl. managers!) harassing me at the register about having the Word of the Day coupon on my J4U account. Well, today I went to Vons and found one of their WotD printed cards lying on the floor, and it says on the card, in red, that the J4U version of the coupon is FOR EMPLOYEES.
    I’ve suspected this for a while now, but now I’ve got actual proof that their employees waste a ton of time on completely baselessly harassing customers with this kind of nonsense, instead of appropriately giving them the promotion via use of the paper card like they’re supposed to. https://imgur.com/gallery/p3byMdA

    • Ms. B. August 11, 2020, 17:35

      Anna, I’m still perplexed as to why this is such a hard thing for the employees to comprehend. It clearly says PLU is not for employees. Employees must load on JUST4U. Do you mind if I post picture, I’ll block out the bar code?

      • Anna August 11, 2020, 18:03

        Yeah, go ahead and post, I thought you’d want to see the pic.

        I’m pretty sure it’s largely the company’s utter negligence in training their employees on basics. Significant numbers of employees are not even aware of the promo. Then there are the many that seem to only know of the promo because they use J4U and get the offer themselves on their digital account, so therefore assume everyone must have the offer available on J4U, and therefore it’s okay to harass customers at the register when they say they don’t have access to this offer on J4U. “Oh, what do you mean you don’t have it available on J4U; you must just be doing it ‘rong… durrr”, “oh, you must not even have J4U… you need to get a J4U account, then you’ll be able to get the offer! *looks directly at J4U app open on customer’s phone* No! You clearly don’t *really* have J4U! You need to get J4U and then you’ll be able to use the promo just like I can!!! durrrrr…”

        • Ms. B. August 12, 2020, 21:11

          Yes, the cashier at Albertsons and the bagger insisted that the offer should be in my J4U account, I’m like NOOOOOO, it’s on YOUR Facebook page and I showed them AND they still were in disbelief. Like J4U isn’t new but they both were idiots! 🙂