Vons and Albertsons stores have the Coffee-mate Flavored Creamer 32 oz on sale for $1.99 when you buy 2.


  • Nick April 8, 2020, 20:57

    Here’s something that happened to me today and may or may not happen to you. But, as they say, it never hurts to try!

    I stopped by the store for only one item. I did have a digital coupon I brought. The item was also included as a “Buy 5” item. But I didn’t need 4 more, and I wasn’t interested in taking the time to search and buy 4 more “Buy 5” items. So, I just bought one.

    I used self checkout, entered my phone number as my ID, and scanned the one item.

    The regular non-discounted price rang up correctly. I scanned my coupon, the discount was applied, and I inserted it into the slot.

    I then hit the total button. The screen then subtracted ANOTHER discount: the Buy 5! I saw it on the screen briefly. But it’s not itemized on the receipt. Instead, that discount got lumped in with either J4U or Card Savings (I cant figure out which).

    So, if you’ve got a good coupon for an item on the Buy 5 this week try buying just one. At the bottom of the receipt it said my savings was 77%. Me likey! 😷

    • Ms. B. April 9, 2020, 09:10

      Nick, wow, a 77% savings!!!! I had a somewhat similar experience at Vons at self checkout in that I got a better price than what I was expecting. We was down to our last pack of chicken and I bought these huge chicken breast that can be split into halves and some how we ended up paying like $1.51 per pack, I have no clue how it happened because I didn’t activate any chicken or meat digital coupons. The chicken packs had a totally different price than how it rang up at the register and I cannot explain it.

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