I know that we all have been getting a lot of super cheap or FREE breakfast cereal but when fall/winter rolls back around and we are once again sheltering in placing because of the Coronavirus, we will at least have a lot cereal to choose from in our stockpile!

A reader, Elena, let us know that we can get the Cascadian Farm Cereal 9.2-16 oz for FREE. Below is what Elena has to say:

There is also a good deal on Cascadian Farm cereal. It’s 99 cents, limit 2. There is $1.25 of 1 ; $1/2 and $1 off any cereal. Any way these coupons will apply, it’s a great price for cereal.

Also, I found a good way to utilize $1 off Organics and $1 off Produce. Organics Tofu is 1.99 and qualifies for both, but you need to add something for 1 penny. I buy a banana or anything which is on sale. And total ends up to be some cents.

Thanks, Elena!


  • Trish July 14, 2020, 14:56

    Did anyone try this? The $1.00 coupon off any cereal does state that it must cost $1.00 or more, so I guess it won’t work if you only buy 1 at $0.99. If you buy two (at $0.99 each), that comes to $1.98. So I don’t see how you could apply both the $1.00 off any cereal and the $1.25 mentioned above.

    • Gavin July 15, 2020, 05:39

      I did it. Both manu coupons came off, and the $1 off any cereal adjusted down to $0.99. Total cost of the cereal was listed as -$1.26.