Vons/Albertsons: New JUST4U Coupons!!!

Vons and Albertsons store shoppers, there are new JUST4U digital coupons to load to your loyalty card for even more savings while you shop!  Thanksgiving is literally a week away, you are want to go through your digital coupons and activate them with a fine tooth comb.  Even if you are not sure that you’ll use the digital coupon just activate it.  Save all the coins that you can.  The digital coupons shown above don’t expired 11/26/19.

If you are in California, use zip code 89119 for vons.com and use zip 94611 for safeway.com. You must switch back to your local Vons or Albertsons grocery store and change your zip back to your local area.

For Thanksgiving, you can grab the Rhodes Dinner Rolls or the King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls in the Bakery dept., onions, celery, carrots, Fresh Potatoes or sweet potatoes in the Produce department and grab a free yogurt in the Refrigerated Yogurt department.

Do your regular grocery shopping so that you don’t draw attention that you can getting free food at the grocery store.


  • DENISE November 21, 2019, 22:18

    The Icelandic Provisions yogurt is on sale for $1. I have a loaded coupon for them. Buy 3 save $2.

    • DENISE November 21, 2019, 22:22

      My mistake. I see it is the Open Nature Icelandic yogurt that is $1.

      • DENISE November 21, 2019, 22:42

        I do have a personalized deal for the Icelandic Provisions for $1.51. Ibotta has a rebate for $1 when you buy 3.

  • DENISE November 21, 2019, 22:58

    I saw 18 count eggs for 77 cents on 89119. Would we be able to load it?

    • Ms. B. November 22, 2019, 08:02

      You can only load the “off” coupons, i.e., $0. 50 off, $1 off, $1.50 off coupons. The “price” coupon, i.e. 77 cents eggs will not stick to your account. 🙁

      • DENISE November 22, 2019, 08:29

        Ok. thanks for letting me know.