Vons/Albertsons: New JUST4U Coupons!!!

Vons and Albertsons store shoppers, there are new JUST4U digital coupons to load to your loyalty card for even more savings while you shop!  Save all the coins that you can. The digital coupons shown expire 5/5/20.

Also, if you have the Rewards offer Earn 2X Purchase on the Meat and Produce then make sure to activate digital coupons.

If you are in California, use your zip code for vons.com and use zip 94611 for safeway.com. Activate all $1 off coupons pictured above at each zip code.  You must switch back to your local Vons or Albertsons grocery store and change your zip back to your local area.

Thanks, Nick!


  • Anna April 29, 2020, 17:52

    Plz let us know if they double – my account only shows 1 set of the coupons when I switch back to SCali. Also they apparently saw fit to offer me a free item in NCali, where I’ve never shopped, but when switching my location back to SCali where I live the freebie disappears 🙁

  • Ms. B. April 29, 2020, 19:33

    Try zip 89119 using vons.com and activate all of the $1 off coupons shown in the picture and then change your zip back to your local zip code.

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