Vons and Albertsons has the Signature SELECT Vegetables 11-15.25 oz.or Tomatoes 14.5-15 oz. on sale for $0.89.

With the $1 off any Canned Vegetables coupon, you’ll be able to get the Signature Select Vegetables or Tomatoes for FREE just in time for Thanksgiving!

If you don’t know about the $1 off coupon then read my previous post.


  • tammy November 1, 2019, 09:50

    I did that but when I switch back to my store I don’t see the coupon anymore as loaded. Do you know if it still works?

  • Ms. B. November 5, 2019, 13:56

    You should be able to see the coupon on the Vons and/or Albertsons app under your local zip code.