The Monopoly game a Vons/Albertsons stores will end on Tuesday, May 4th so you have today and tomorrow to get your Monopoly tickets.  Also, Nick, left a great comment about redeeming your FREE Items ASAP before they run out.

Below is what Nick has to say:

DO NOT WASTE your Monopoly winnings. They can and will run out of everything, including the $$ prizes you want to redeem your tokens for, which means you will be stuck with pig-in-a-poke sweepstakes entries instead of real cash in your pocket. Do have some fun, but get those entries with your overflow AFTER you’ve cashed out the rest of your tokens!

I will begin my odyssey today of collecting my freebie items. I think last year, the hardest things to find was the hand soap, hand sanitizer, aluminum foil and the bottled water.

Just remember that a lot folks are out of work or working part or trying back their rent or mortgage so the competition for the free items is going to be stiff.


  • Nick May 3, 2021, 10:11

    It would be useful to know if we have to use cash rewards from token redemption all at once or if unused funds are saved. For example, if I redeem my tokens for $5 in Just4U cash and then make a purchase for $4 do I lose that remaining dollar or is it saved for next time?

    As for prize items that may run out, use common sense. The cheaper most common items (like a single bottle of Refreshe water) certainly will. But the 15 Oz canned fruit that I bought yesterday won’t because it is a less common prize and there are multiple options (peaches, pears etc). The deluxe nail Clippers fly off the shelf, grab those when you can because there isn’t much room for inventory on the rack. You should be OK with staples like a box of pasta or bottle of vinegar. But since those are just going to go into the cabinet anyway might as well get them NOW before they’re possibly gone.

    • Ms. B. May 3, 2021, 11:42

      Nick, I suspect that you’ll need to use the $5 J4U Cash all at once just like the J4U Rewards. Their inventory must be off bc I haven’t been able to find the deluxe clippers but they may be flying off the shelves and their inventory is lagging.

    • Growly May 3, 2021, 15:43

      With any J4U cash redemption from the tokens, you have to spend at least that amount for it to come off. For example, if you redeemed for a $5 J4U, you have to spend at least $5.

      I was surprised when I won another set of nail clippers, and showed me where they were too.

      I’ve been winning a lot of water and other small items, which I have redeemed immediately.

      Also, make sure you check for sales. For example, the Dr Pepper 20 oz is $1.50, and if you happened to get the $0.50 coupon from Monopoly, that makes it $1, plus the bonus tickets. There’s also a $2 off chicken coupon, and it’s on sale for $5.99, which then makes it $3.99.