I have really been enjoying playing the Shop, Play, Win! Monopoly Game. Whenever, I am in Vons or Albertsons, I jokingly remind the cashier that “Yes, I am playing the Monopoly Game and I want my game pieces”.

I have won a lot of free products from the game pieces like doughnut or bagel, canned tomatoes, canned corn, O Organics animal cookies, O Organics Seasoning Mix, Signature Select Vinegar 16 oz, (2) Monopoly Game Tickets, Red Box rental, Free Shutterfly 8×8 Hard Photo Book and Signature Select candy 6-10 oz.

However, I love getting the tokens the most because I can accumulate them to spend on grocery gift cards!  I have 133 tokens which means I am only 17 away from being able to get a $10 gift card.

They only have so many of each gift card and once the quantity of a particular gift card is depleted, that’s it, you have to select a different prize.

My son has been going into the store and every time, he asks for the blue tickets, they give him a hand full and that’s why I have so many tokens. 🙂


  • tammy February 24, 2020, 14:36

    oh wow. you are so lucky to have a vons that freely gives away tickets. I have been saving my pieces every time I go in for the zip advantage. I have only gotten two free items so far (yogurt and canned tomatoes) and don’t have many points but I am saving them away! Perhaps we should start a string with the numbers we need on the board and exchange with our multiples? That way we can all get more prizes! I bet the numbers up here in LA are different than the ones you get down in SD!

    • Ms. B. February 24, 2020, 19:08

      Tammy, last week, I stopped by a different and I swear the cashier was counting out the tickets BUT two other customers ahead of me decline their tickets just give me their ticket, too! LOLOLOL All of my posts automatically stop accepting comments after 5 days because of the darn hackers. Hackers look for blogs without safeguards in place and exploit them.