Vons/Safeway: Gas Rewards

1My new car only takes premium gas and it was killing me each time I would go to fill up on gas that I was paying the higher price for gas.  Gas in San Diego is sky high, what was a girl suppose to do?

I decided to try out the Vons Gas Rewards b/c I needed to find a way to lower my cost at the pump!

You can use your gas rewards at three places in San Diego – Chevron, Texco or a Vons Gas Station.  There are two Vons Gas Stations in the San Diego area, one in Pacific Beach and the other is in Escondido.

Vons Gas Rewards

  • 1 Gas Rewards = 10 cents discount up to 25 gallons of gas
  • Chevron and Texco up to 20 cents a gallon off of gas
  • Vons/Safeway Gas Stations up to $1 a gallon off of gas
  • There is always a line of cars at the Vons or Safeway Gas Stations

Over the weekend, I spent a penny less than the regular price of gas.  All you need to do is either swipe your Vons/Safeway card or enter your phone number to get the discount at the pump!  It’ super easy and if you are a Vons or Safeway shopper, you need to be using your Gas Rewards!

If your car uses Regular gas, you can save allot of money at the pump.