1The thing with the Vons JUST4U is that you have got to clip all the food coupons to double dip, triple dip or quadruple dip.  Another tip is that Vons adds JUST4U coupons almost everyday, I check my J4U account every day for new coupons.

Okay, if you have the following 3 Tostino’s Pizza J4U coupons in your account, you can get 5 of them for just $1 or $.20 each!!!!!!!!

$1 off Tostino’s Pizza each
$1 off 5 Tostino’s Pizza
$1 off 5 Tostino’s Pizza

Below is how your receipt after purchasing 5 Tostino’s Pizza:

RegPrice 7.50
Card Savings 1.25 –
J4U Store eCpn 1.25 –
J4U Mfr eCpn 4.00 –

Remember to get in the habit of checking your JUST4U account daily!


  • Chelsee March 3, 2013, 20:49

    So if I buy 10 would it work and be $2 ?

    • admin March 4, 2013, 05:40

      That I don’t know if bought double the amount…but I doubt it would work since you would need twice the J4U coupons loaded to your card. If you decide to try it let us know your results.

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