Every once in a very blue moon, I feel like making pancakes at home and this was the case, last year.  I went to Vons and I was really astonished at how costly syrup and pancake mix is at the grocery store.  I did not buy but I wait over the next month for them to go on sale.  I finally ended up going to Walmart to get the syrup.

If you eat pancakes or waffles, at least once a year, one of the best places to go for the pancake mix and syrup is Walgreens!!!

This week, Walgreens has the Aunt Jemima Original Syrup and the Buttermilk Pancake Mix on sale for 2/$4.  They have the sale maybe every two or three months.  It’s a good deal.

If you do not believe me then go into your local grocery store and look at the prices for the pancake mix and syrup and then you’ll be running to Walgreens for this pancake/syrup deal.