Walgreens Codes…

If you shopped at Walgreens for any length of time, you will cashier or other employees shout over the loud speaker “Code 22” or code whatever.

Here is a list of the codes and their meanings:

IC3 – There are 3 customers or more in line and they need a second checker to open up
Code 3 at Cosmetics – Customer has a return
Code 9 – For those Wags that have 2 different restrooms for males and females, this is for women
Code 10 – Someone needs the restroom
Code 13 (at photo, register 2, or cosmetics) is returns/exchanges
Code 22 is considered ‘low’ on a certain bill/change
Code 23 is considered ’empty’ on a certain bill/change
Code 99 is a theft
Code 44 is a register pick-up
Code 20 is register count (shift end)

Current truck days are Wednesday for totes/SOME fullcase and Friday for fullcase, they will change after the next major holiday (Thanksgiving I think). So if your WAGS is out of a product, head back Wednesday night or Friday night and check back! YMMV on this too, but try to learn your stores truck days.

Source: Slick Deal