When my family from Sacramento was here visiting, in August, I wanted a fabric spray for their bedding but thankfully, I did have my Lysol disinfectant spray in the lavender scent that I used.  Their bedding had been washed but I wanted to make sure that it had an extra pleasant scent for them!

A reader, Nick, let us know that we can to Walgreens and grab the Febreze Room and Fabric sprays on the cheap!

Walgreens has Febreze select varieties  on sale for 2/$6 and there’s a $3 off 2 digital coupon which will make the Febreze $1.50 each!

Thanks, Nick!

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  • Nick September 20, 2021, 09:39

    This is a very valuable offer since the coupon is valid for so many different items. As a suggestion I’m going to pay 99 cents and get the $3.99 car freshener. Wifey and I find enough deals on the indoor spray and sometimes just like to use reward dollars for those when they’re on sale. But whatever your choice $3 off is a substantial discount and should not be be overlooked.

    * NOTE: You may want to add Febreze to a larger order if you are trying for a threshold bonus (like $5 back in points off a $20 purchase). Toss in some Airheads rope candy too! 😉