Walgreens: FREE Crest, Colgate and Dulcolax!!!

A reader, Nick, has a nice scenario for Walgreens, below is what Nick has to say:

Buy 2 Colgate @ $3.99. And 3 Crest/Scope @ $4. And 1 Dulcolax @ $5.99

My digital offers generated a sales price after digital offers/coupons of $14.57 and Walgreens cashback of $15.26. So, a small dollar or two out of pocket just for the tax. Not too shabby for all those pearly whites AND cleaning out the plumbing!

** Note: If you are hungry for Ibotta credit then upgrade your Dulcolax purchase from the $5.99 to the $8.99 package (much larger). You buy 2 since they are on sale at BOG1 50% off and can then earn 2 Ibotta rebates of $4 (plus you’re still using the same Walgreens digital of $3 off 1 Dulcolax). If you have an additional Dulcolax coupon it’s even better!).

$3 off Dulcolax item, excl 10 ct- stimulant & stool softener digital coupon
$3 off Dulcolax product, excl 10-ct or less stimulant & stool softener, limit 2, SS 09/12
$3 off Dulcolax product (excluding 10ct or smaller stimulant and stool softener)

Thanks, Nick!


  • Nick September 14, 2021, 16:19

    The scenario I shared was based on my offers. Some of you will do even better, while others will find the math doesn’t work out this time. It’s the same principle as Ibotta, many of you have a $5 offer now but mine is only for $3. If you enjoy crunching the numbers it doesn’t take long to figure when a situation benefits you. Lately I’ve been pursuing Ibotta bonuses less but have been accumulating Walgreens cash like crazy. Like I said, just figure it out based on what your own offers are!

    • Ms. B. September 14, 2021, 19:16

      Nick, almost every scenario is YMMV and I post suggestions for scenarios bc we all have to make our deals that fit our wants and needs. We all appreciate your contributions! 🙂