Walgreens: FREE Gillette Shave Gel!!!

Walgreens sells the Gillette Series Shave Gel 2.5 oz for $1.99 and they are on buy 2 get 5,000 ($5) Balance Rewards points which means they are totally FREE!!! You can use whatever points you have to lower your out of pocket and get back points.  You may need to look for this particular size shave gel in the travel aisle.


Buy 2 Gillette Series Shave Gel 2.5 oz $3.98

Get Back 5,000 ($5) Balance Rewards points

Final Price: FREE + $1.02 Money Maker!!!

**There are other larger Gillette shave gels that are also FREE after Balance Rewards!


  • lori January 8, 2019, 06:28

    can I use my points for this purchage? if I use points I will get $5 points back?

  • Ms. B. January 8, 2019, 08:08

    Lori, yes, you can spend points and get back points for this deal.