If you need FREE or Money Maker office supplies like Paper Mate pens or mechanical pencils, EXPO and Sharpie markers which it is being reported that the cheapest items start at $2.99 and they are all on BOGO FREE sale get 2,000 ($2) points per item even on the FREE item.

Obviously, buy (2)  $2.99 on BOGO get back 4,000 ($4) points so FREE + $1.01 Money Maker.

Any Paper-Mate, EXPO or Sharpie items priced between $2.99 to $3.99 will be FREE.

Any items price at $4.29, for example, you buy (2) get back $4 and your final price is $0.29 or $0.15 each, it’s still a great deal!

This deal is an unadvertised deal for San Diego as it is not in our ad but you cans each “paper mate” on walgreens.com and the deal does come up.

Source 2brytesavez on IG