I received an email from Walgreens that they are pausing the expirations on Balance Rewards points through June 2020!!!

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that CVS and Rite Aid will do the same.

HOWEVER, I did read on Instagram if you call CVS or Rite Aid Customer Service and say that your city, state, county is on lockdown due to the CoronaVirus and your particular store has very little on the shelf and your Extra Bucks or Bonus Cash is about to expire, Customer Service will low key add those points or Extra Bucks into your account.

I also read that it’s the same with Walgreens and their Register Rewards, they will turn your Register Rewards into Balance Rewards.  Their Customer Service can “see” if you received a Register Rewards.

Just my opinion, Walgreens has the very best Customer Service…hands down, full stop.


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