I try to be diligent in loading my digital coupons to my Walgreens card because it saves me money.  However, recently, I went to the Walgreens website to check out the latest coupons available to load to my loyalty card and I got the message in the picture above that said I had basically reached my limit of 100 digital coupons that I could load to my card.

Why Walgreens?  Why say that there are 406 available coupons to load to my Walgreens card and then limit me to only 100 coupons?

Why make your customers wade through 406 digital coupons having pick and choose which coupons that they want to load?  If we decide to remove a coupon from our “clipped to card” then we are prompted that we not load the coupon again to our card and it’s permanently deleted from our card.

We have enough to worry about on a daily basis without you making us ponder which digital coupon to load to our Walgreens card!

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  • Jennifer August 16, 2017, 16:50

    I had this happen to me recently at Fred Meyer. I was in the store and trying to add coupons for some things I wanted to buy and it wouldn’t let me add any more coupons. Hundreds of coupons to choose from and it would only let me have some small number. I was very frustrated.