I love using food storage bags for leftovers whenever I can.  For example, if I open a package of breakfast sausage, I cook the whole package of sausage and then whatever we don’t eat, I put the cooked sausages in the food storage bag vice putting them in a container. I do the same when I make the egg omelettes in the the muffin pans. I have more rooms in my refrigerator and freezer and I don’t have to wash a container, I just put them into the trash when the food is all gone.  You can do this with salad, rice, fruit, a couple of pork chops or chickened the Walgreens storage bags are so inexpensive!

This week, Walgreens, has the Nice! or Complete Home Bags on buy 1 get 2 FREE with card, the normal price of the storage bags is $2.79 or $0.93 each after the promotion!!!


  • Nick August 11, 2020, 09:51

    Seems like Walgreens runs this offer about once every month to six weeks and it’s one of the best bargains in the store. And they are rarely out of stock! Even at the 99 Cent Store you would get a smaller quantity of bags per package and sometimes of much lesser quality. Time this purchase when you need to teach an overall purchase spend to take advantage of any promotions.

    • Ms. B. August 11, 2020, 14:28

      Hands down, the storage bags are one of the best deals at Walgreens when they have the B1G2 Free sale and the price and quality beats Dollar Tree and $0.99 by miles! 🙂