Walgreens Shopping…Fail :)

My trip to Walgreens this evening never came into fruition b/c I stopped at CVS to grab the early edition of the San Diego Union Tribune and guess what?  Our local paper did not have any $10 Gillette ProGlide coupon insert.  So, I turn around and went home never going to Walgreens.

CVS is the closest drugstore to my home and I can use Extra Bucks to buy the papers.  It “cost” me $3.97 for 4 newspapers.

Don’t know if the home delivery edition has the $10 ProGlide coupon but the store edition does not.

I wonder if the L.A. Times will have the $10 ProGlide?  In my neighborhood, North Park which is in the city of San Diego and about 2 miles from downtown does not sell the early Sunday edition of the L.A. Times plus it’s $2 a paper…easier for me to order the coupons off of eBay!


  • JustD December 1, 2012, 22:20

    That’s a bummer about the coupon not being in the early edition. Have you ever subscribed to the LA Times? Last year, I bought a subscription for Sunday only for $10/year. I just recently got a renewal letter and they are still only charging me $10/year.

    • admin December 2, 2012, 17:21

      I was subscribed to the LA Times until Aug or Sept. The reason I stopped getting the LA Times delivered is b/c I had subscriptions and each Sunday I had to call b/c they were only delivery ONE LA Times to get my other 3 subscriptions. I got a great deal it was like $7 or 8 for Sunday only delivery. However, it turns out that the $10 coupon was in the Red Plum not the Smart Source. 🙂