Walgreens Theraflu Printable Coupon…

As of right now, the Theraflu glitch has not been fixed.  The Theraflu glitch is buy 3 Theraflu get $8 RR.  You can also read my previous post

Click HERE to print the $2 Healthy Savings Book Theraflu Coupon. (You need a gmail account)

Oh, and if you read my previous post and buy the correct Theraflu mix of products, you can use both coupons (5596 & 5597) to get $12 overage.  But you really have to have a Jedi cashier to pull that off and lots of filler items like the Vaseline lotion etc for the $12 overage. 

Are you gonna try it?

Thanks, My Feet Hurt at Slick Deals