I have been patiently waiting for the arrival of the Thierry Mugler’s Alien perfume that I had ordered from Walgreens, last week.  What’s kind of odd about this whole iteration is that Walgreens must have updated their online status software because every time, I would click on the status link in the email, I swear, it would take like seven or eight minutes before the information page would load.

Finally, on Wednesday, the status page said that my perfume would be delivered by FEDEX (uggghhhhhhh) by the end of the day on Thursday (10/11).

On Thursday, at around 3 o’clock, I heard the FEDEX or UPS guy deliver a package to my neighbor.  I live in a condo, it’s a secure building and I happened to be in the living room when I heard the guy scanning the packages.  I waited for a quick knock on my door and then I heard the stairwell door open and close quickly.  I opened my door to see if he left the package and nada.  There wasn’t even a note on my door.

I then went back online to find out what the heck happened to my shipment.  I then see that there was a Delivery Exception.

I called FEDEX Customer Service and my call must have gone around the world because the person that I was speaking with, I could barely understand his English but that was probably a Blessing in disguise because what I found from the gentleman was that sender (Walgreens) had requested that the package be delayed delivery until Friday (10/12).

I asked the guy to divert the package to Walgreens for my pick up since my Walgreens is a FEDEX delivery station.

I received the Beauty Sample Bag on Tuesday but still waiting for the perfume.