Walmart Clearance Finds

While I was at Walmart picking the the Love Good Fats Bars 4 ct Money Maker, I decided to walk around the store to see if I could find some nice clearance finds and I almost immediately came across the Softsoap body wash 15 oz for $0.75 each and there is a $0.75 off Softsoap body wash coupon which will make the body wash totally free. There is also a $0.75 Softsoap body wash 20 oz Ibotta rebate offer but the size don’t match the rebate.  Check Brick Seek by entering your zip code for the nearest store that has the Softsoap body wash 15 oz for $0.75.

The Softsoap liquid hand wash in Peony & Plum. I couldn’t find the soap on Brick Seek.

The Valentine socks 3ct was tagged for $2 but I used Walmart app to price check the bar code and the socks was just $0.74 a pack.  Out of the six pairs of socks only two socks have hearts on them, I can take off the packaging off of the top and I can send to mom as one of her gifts for Mother’s Day or a just because gift.

I found the socks in the little clearance section specifically located in the undergarments section of the store.  After watching Make $100 Buying Walmart SECRET Clearance (EASY MONEY!!) by Super Unsexy on YouTube got me to actually scan the bar code and I found out the socks was $0.74 instead of the tagged $2.

Go to YouTube and do a search of “super unsexy” and he and his wife have a ton of Walmart clearance videos!


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