Walmart sells the Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes Cereal-In-A-Cup 2.1oz for $1 and after rebate, you’ll be able to get the cereal for FREE!!!

300 ($1.20) Shopkick points

Shopkicks points are worth approximately $0.004 a piece.

✅ Download the Shopkicks app and sign up, use my referral link, and you’ll also earn 250 kicks (worth $1) once you earn your first walk in or scan kicks within 7 days.
✅ Click Walmart to look at the offer
✅ Go to Walmart and buy the item as described in the rebate offer
✅ Go back to the Shopkicks App, click Walmart, find and click on the product and click “Submit receipt” and click “Claim Kicks” follow the easy directions in the app to get your points!


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