A reader, Denise, left a comment that the KIWI Sport shoe Money Maker deal  has reset which means that you can do the deal again!!!

The scenario below is a repost of what I bought for the deal.

I bought the KIWI Sports Shoe Cleaner (it’s pictured above in the middle) and used the $2 off KIWI Cleaners Product coupon.

You must be signed up for SwagBucks AND MyPoints and you must buy 2 of the participating KIWI products:

*Please note: Only the purchase of the following KIWI Sport products are eligible for Points.
• KIWI Sport Shoe Freshener
• KIWI Sport Fast Acting Cleaner
• KIWI Sport Shoe Whitener

Below is what I bought but I believe the KIWI Sport Shoe Freshener is like around $3.86 but they didn’t have it in my store.


Buy 2 KIWI Sports Shoe Cleaner $10.92
Use (2) -$2 off KIWI Cleaners Product coupon

Total after coupons used = $6.92

Submitted for $4 KIWI Sport Shoe Care Ibotta rebate
Submitted for $8 SwagBucks rebate
Submitted for $8 MyPoints rebate

Final Price: FREE + $13.08


  • Jennifer April 6, 2018, 11:32

    I still have not received my rebates from the last one (except Ibotta) and sadly my store and the Walmart in the next town over are out and have been for quite some time. I am wondering if they are getting rid of an old product or if it is a newer product that the stores are having a hard time getting in.

  • Cheryl April 6, 2018, 22:36

    I think the $2 coupon is nla