So earlier today, I wrote a post If You Still have those Snuggle Renuzit Peelie Coupons and I was talking about the $5 and $4 Renuzuit Snuggle oil refills peelie coupons that we found at Walmart in March 2019.

I still had the $5 peelies and they don’t expire until 12/31/2019 so check your Walmart for those peelies. Maybe, you live in an area that don’t have couponers and those peelies are waiting for you to pluck them all.

I decided to go to Walmart today because you know it’s rough at Walmart on Fridays.  At least, here in San Diego, the Walmart is packed on Fridays with long lines to self checkout and the regular registers.  However, what I’ve noticed is on Saturdays it’s not a bad day to go to Walmart.

Anyways, I found TRY ME FREE Renuzuit Snuggle oil refills Rebate (up to $10.99) peelie!!!  I almost fainted.  There was only one rebate peelie on the shelf. Like this find through me completely off because I did not use Ibotta Pay.

The significance of finding the rebate peelie is that my purchase will end up being FREE + $4.50 Money Maker because there is a $1.50 off Renuzit Snuggle Oil Refills, 2 or 3 or 5-ct, Ibotta rebate and a $3 Renuzit Snuggle Oil Refill (2ct, 3ct or 5ct) Savingstar rebate (exp. 9/7).

I was a bit dazed and confused about my find but I had enough sense to take the long way home and stop by another Walmart.  I found another TRY ME FREE Renuzuit Snuggle oil refills Rebate (up to $10.99) peelie and this time, the peelie was on the 5 count oil refills.

Submit Your Rebate Online or Print the PDF Rebate Form (Thanks, Cheryl!)