Readers, Cheryl and Nick, let us know that they received an $2.94 Annie’s Frozen Mac and Cheese, any variety, any size Ibotta rebate offer!!!  This a targeted offer as I only have the offer pictured above but check your Ibotta account for the freebie.

Thanks, Cheryl and Nick!


  • Nick February 20, 2021, 11:32

    Ibotta is obviously going crazy and doing cartwheels just to target offers. There is absolutely no reason on Earth why a consistent shopper like you Ms. B would not receive this offer. As if this is such a valuable commodity! It’s a freaking box of mac and cheese, not a Rolls Royce!!!

    • Ms. B. February 21, 2021, 09:57

      From a business perspective, I definitely understand why they made the Annie’s a targeted offer bc they think that as a regular shopper they don’t have to offer me an incentive to shop. I don’t mind sitting this round out, it gives me a chance to just relax! 🙂

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