I was recently in Walmart and I decided to check on the prices of their Back-to-School supplies and only go to Walmart for Back-to-School items if you are rich!

I have spoken about the small scissors that are perfect for cutting out coupons are $3.47. The regular Elmer’s white glue $1.44 and the glue sticks $1.92. Β They each should be no more than $0.99 each because Walmart’s buying power but Walmart is being greedy with the high prices.

If you are a busy mom or dad, it’s better to shop around or go to the Dollar Tree…unless you are rich.


  • Stacie August 2, 2019, 10:55

    You read my mind but unless it’s a sale they are high everywhere. Don’t even look at the five star products. I was just at Walgreens for the pilot pens 4 pack. I was gonna use a coupon and checkout51. They were $7.29!!

    • Ms. B. August 2, 2019, 13:31

      Stacie, I couldn’t believe the prices, I was shaking my head.